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The COST Action FP1205 “Innovative applications of regenerated wood cellulose fibres” has officially started its activities with the kick-off meeting on 23rd of May 2013 in Brussels.



The main objective of this Action is to provide a scientific-based framework and knowledge to advance understanding and opportunities for regenerated cellulose and nanocellulosic components derived from wooden resources. The Action aims to bring together both Senior and Early Stage Researchers to showcase latest developments in these subjects, develop new collaborative opportunities and provide the platform towards commercial utilization of these processes and products. These activities will increase innovative uses for wood and wood based products, as well as providing benefits through the provision of less environmentally demanding cellulose sources.

Information on the Action is also available at the official COST webpage.

The Action is made up of three Working Groups:

WG1 - Textile fibre manufacture

WG2 - Science and uses of nanocellulose

WG3 - Cellulose foams and films 


Upcoming events


17-19 January 2017, Potsdam, Germany

Training School on Nanocellulose Characterisation


7-9 March 2017, Stockholm, Sweden

Conference on Cellulosic material properties and industrial potential (including Working Group Meeting, Management Committee Meeting and Final Meeting). Read more




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